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Class::Accessor::Class Class::Accessor::Class - simple class variable accessors
Size: 11KB
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pic monkey photo simple floor plan loox n560 wifi  
Class of This graduation screen saver has balloons, confetti, caps and the message, Congratulations Class of 2009. The registered version plays music and sounds.
Size: 509.50 KB
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message list saver confetti effect confetti graduation  
VScreen-Class A library that helps create,process high-quality images in VC++ applications.
Size: 409KB
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class microsoft picture manager spss student version  
MLP-Class MLP-Class - Sourcecode for fast training and application of multilayer perceptron classifier
Size: 173 KB
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trainer neural network mail classifier Multilayer  
TWAVFile Class Class for extracting information from WAV file header
Size: 7 KB
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development class extract information  
CCmdLine Class A useful C class that will help you to get a handle on parameters passed to your application
Size: 5 KB
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development class Component parameters handler C class  

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CPJNFinger An MFC class to encapsulate the "Finger" protocol
Size: 32 KB
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MFC class Finger protocol implementation MFC socket MFC  
MTASC Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler
Size: 339 KB
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command line class compiler compile code compiler  
Chaplin A tool to help you with your Java development.
Size: 1.9 MB
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class transform transformer Java class transformer  
CWaitableTimer An MFC class for Win32 waitable timers
Size: 14 KB
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MFC class MFC class Countdown timers Timer Win32 Timer  
CSecureEditEx Resistant against process memory dumpers
Size: 72 KB
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class password programming class process memory  
CSecureEdit Provides secure password controls
Size: 70 KB
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class control password Edit control Secure Password  

class in description

Class::Accessor::Class Advertisement class::Accessor::Class is a Development software developed by Ricardo Signes. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official desc...
Size: 11KB
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pic monkey photo simple floor plan loox n560 wifi  
Class View for REALbasic Class view is a hierarchical class browser for REALbasic. Class view is a hierarchical class browser for REALbasic. Class View also provides basic code metric information.Class view is useful for unde...
Size: 2.3 MB
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class REALbasic C++ class TMenuGadget class C# class  
EasyCl Sample Edit By This article discusses the development of a C++ class Library for encapsulating OpenGL code. The C++ class presented is for demonstration and educational purposes only. I will expand the class...
Size: 57.91K
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code development sample OpenGL library OpenGl code  
ClassBrowser ClassBrowser is a Java class browser developed to enable users browse a .class file and get some information about the constructors, methods, fields and inner classes of the class, and some informatio...
Size: 86 KB
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view Browser browse Development Class  
VServices A C++ class that gets information on and manages Windows services. This class is intended to be used on Microsoft Windows in conjunction with the QT Framework. This class also uses the VQTConvert clas...
Size: 12 KB
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Service Management C++ C++ class manage Services  
CAnonymousPipe The CAnonymousPipe was designed to be an MFC class to encapsulate Anonymous Pipes. The class encapsulates the Anonymous Pipe IPC method as provided in Win32. The class provides a thin veneer over the ...
Size: 10 KB
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MFC class MFC class Encapsulate Program Encapsulate